2001 NEAT Fair Winners

Bill Hadden's (Warrenton, VA) 1911 Wright "B" Biplane won "Best of Show". The model has a single "Rocket 400" driving a home-made 2:1 gearbox and 4:1 chain drive which drives two hand-carved scale propellers. The model weighs 21 ozs. and has a wing area of 1000 sq. in.

It flies in a very realistic, scale-like way (read "slow") on only 70 watts of power input!

Joe Malinchak's (Greenfield, PA) 6.5" span, 11" long Biplane won the "Smallest R/C Model" award given at this year's NEAT Fair. Joe flew the model many times on all three days.
Don Belfort (West Chester, OH) won the "Most Flights" award. Don flew 18 "official" flights over the Fair's three days. (A few other pilots had 15 flights each.)