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Dear potential NEAT Fair attendee.

You can imagine how many people it takes to run an event such as the NEAT Fair. Every year, to improve the show, we seem to need more and more people to help out. Unfortunately, because the NEAT fair is just as much an "away" meet for the members of SEFLI as it is for you, we do have a bit of trouble pooling enough volunteers from our own ranks.

Therefore, as in past years, we are asking potential pilots and spectators if they would like to donate as little as 2 hours of their time to as much as they would like to help out with some of the day to day running of the show. Tasks include, pilot registration and flight line monitors. If you would like to participate in the program, below is a form for you to fill out and send electronically. You may select a preferred time/day or leave it open and let us schedule you.

We will publish a work schedule (and notify you by email) by the end of August so that you know exactly when and where you will be working. We will try to compensate you with either funds or product (t-shirt/hats) but no promises are made at this time.

Thanks in advance from all the SEFLI members.

Fill out the form below and hit “Submit”. Only one volunteer per submission please. Thanks!

Shortly after you submit your form you will see a page that says: "Thanks for volunteering for the NEAT Fair." If you do not see this page, your submission has not gone through. Also, you will get a confirmation email within a few minutes. If you don't hear from us in a few hours, or if you have any other problems or questions please email us at neatfair@optonline.net. Thanks!.

Fields marked with '*' must be filled out.

First Name: *Last Name:


Please enter the times would like to volunteer into the tables below by clicking on the boxes for the times you are available. Put your first choices into the table on the left, and your second choices into the table on the right.

If you don't have a preference for a particular day, please enter the number of hours you can help out into the "No Preference" row of the left hand table. Thank You!

Available Work Times
No Preference


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