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If you have never been to the show, check out the action from previous fairs at the links below.
2017 Indoor Flying at NEAT

Joe and Cindy Malinchak will be holding the Indoor Night at NEAT again this year at the Downsville high school gym on Friday September 15th from 6pm-10pm and Saturday September 16th from 5pm-10pm. the event will feature some of the "Best in Micro" with state of the art micro models.

The event is open to individuals with models built from kits, or models built from their own designs, and RTF models that have been repainted, or modified in a creative way!

The format will be the same as previous years. There will be time slots for ultra slow models, and open flying for all types.

They will also feature the popular 1/2 time show on Saturday that allows everyone around 5 minutes to showcase their latest creation for the crowd!

Models will not weigh more than two ounces, and will have a flight envelope that will allow them to fly safely in the high school gym.

AMA or Park Flyer insurance will be required!

Fee will be $20.00 payable at the registration table. All proceeds will go to the Downsville high school for their education programs.

Directions to the Indoor Night at NEAT:
From NEAT go north to Downsville on Rt 30. As you near the intersection with Rt 206 the high school will be on your right. Park in the last school parking lot on your right and make your way to the downstairs Gym, where the micro RC flying will be taking place.

They are looking forward to seeing everyone at the event!
Carlos Molina is looking for seminar speakers for the Bergen Tent lecture series. Individuals or vendors that are interested, contact Carlos at camolinadmd@gmail.com
The NEAT Fair will be open for pilot pre-registrations, worker registrations and demo registrations in the evening of May 19th and vendors soon to follow.
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